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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    Applications – F & B Department


    Creating a Comfortable, Relaxing, Warm Environment for your Guests

    An integral part of the hotel, the Food and Beverage department is responsible for maintaining a high standard of food and service, managing restaurants, bars, etc. Hotel Secret Service’s technical solutions ensure the F & B Department maintain fast and efficient service, whilst providing optimised operations.


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    Available Solutions:

    DB Smart Watches

    As part of the Hotel Secret Service messaging system, the DB Smart Watches allow your admin to fully interact with tasks sent to their department. Once a member of the F & B Department has accepted responsibility via their watch, the task notifies the rest of the department. Avoiding multiple staff to also attend the same task.

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    Smartphone Messaging App

    The perfect solution for high-level situations, the Smartphone Messaging App allows hotel staff to receive and make bespoke messages through Hotel Secret Service’s messaging system. Ensuring a streamlined approach to reacting to any guest/visitor requirement.

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