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Creating Unique Functionality with our Customers

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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    Recently our Director of Sales was asked to visit a prestigious boutique hotel located in Central London, see his case study below:

    As soon as I walked into the hotel, I knew immediately that guest experience was an extremely important part of the hotel’s ethos. Boasting over 300 rooms, multiple restaurants and bar areas, the hotel needed a bespoke, quick and efficient solution, that would enable their staff to provide an exceptional level of service to the hotel’s guests and visitors.

    The hotel commented on priding themselves on offering a warm, traditional atmosphere that would encourage their modern travellers to settle in and stay a while. With an ethos on guest satisfaction, the hotel required the following from Hotel Secret Service:

    • An IoT single switch button or a tablet located in the kitchen area, to send a message to table waiting staff that food was ready for collection, improving upon meal dispatch times.
    • An IoT Single Switch Smart Button in the Bar Area to act as a call to service, for any guest request.
    • Maids to have an Emergency/VIP button, to provide additional security.
    • DB Smartwatches to be allocated to the F&B and House Keeping departments, to create a quicker reaction time to guest requests and hotel room requirements.
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    Guest experience and waiting times were an extremely important part of the project brief, especially surrounding tray and trolley collection, so the hotel had one final requirement – wanting to provide streamlined room service. The hotel asked me if the team at Hotel Secret Service could develop a feature for the IoT Single Switch Smart Button for in-room dining tray collection, what we are now calling ‘In-room Tray Service’. Working with our partner ‘BlueSky’ we are now developing a new way for guests’ trays and trolleys to be collected and minimise clutter in corridors.

    ‘In-room Tray Service’, following testing will be available from Hotel Secret Service soon! If you’d like to be notified of the latest updates, please sign up to our newsletter in the red panel below.