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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    How It Works

    Total Connectivity

    Hotel Secret Service is an innovative way to wirelessly communicate and connect hotel staff with guests. Hotel Secret Service is the modern version of a paging and call button system, but with much further functionality, reduced equipment costs and enhanced guest experience. The system is fully scalable and can be used across a range of tasks from alerts to messaging and is designed to work on a choice of hotel communication solutions. Click on the icons below to find out more.

    Smart Watch

    Smart Button

    Smart Tablet

    Smart Messaging

    Smart Gateway

    How the DB Smart Watches work

    Discreet and versatile, the Hotel Secret Service DB Smart Watches work within your hotels Wi-Fi network. Utilising Hotel Secret Services Table Manager Software, the DB Smart watches feature a simple traffic light system that hotel staff can quickly and discreetly respond to.

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    How the IoT Smart Button works

    The Hotel Secret Service IoT Smart Button is compact, modular and self-explanatory to use. Featuring a light-press AWS touch-button, which can work within your hotel’s Wi-Fi network. The Smart button allows your guests/staff to request for service, at a touch of a button.

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    How the Smart Tablet works

    Working in busy areas such as kitchens, bars and conference locations, The Smart Tablet can send messages using your hotel’s existing Wi-Fi. The Smart Tablet improves communication and efficiency allowing guests and staff to specify an action to a particular department.

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    How Smart Messaging works

    Hotel Secret Services Smart Messaging system is a self-service messaging, reporting and team management analytics software that lets you send/receive messages, change individuals in departments and insightful reporting on your Hotel Secret Service hardware in minutes.

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    How the Smart Gateway works

    Hotel Secret Service comes as standard with a 25GB (storage) cloud-based smart gateway, ensuring 100’s of IoT devices can be operated within your establishment. Alternatively there is the ‘On-site Smart Server Gateway’, which features enhanced pre-alert messaging, which can be programmed into multiple on-site alarm pre-alerts, for instance: fire alarms, fridge temperature and much more.

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    Typical Applications

    Transforming the Hotel Industry at the Touch of a button. Click on an Icon to Find out More.

    Why Choose Hotel Secret Service?

  • The Complete Package


    Installation And Set Up

    Post-launch Support

    Bespoke Customisation



    Do you offer replacement straps for your watches?

    Yes, Hotel Secret Service now offer changeable straps on our DB5  and DB11 Smart Watches, these straps come in either silicone or leather. The straps are also available in various colours and finishes, please see our Smart Solutions page for further details.

    Which countries do you support?

    Hotel Secret Service work within UK, Europe and Africa. We utilise a wide network of leading parcel carriers across the regions, which enables us to deliver replacement equipment by air or road direct to your hotel.

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    How do I operate my Smart Watch?

    Hotel Secret Service have an online training portal with ‘how to’ videos, which guide you in the various processes associated with our products.

    What is the battery life like in your products?

    Each one of our products has a specified amount of battery life attributed to it. For instance, the IoT Smart buttons have a maximum of 2000 clicks. Once this has been reached, then this will need to be replaced. But don’t worry our smart systems will be monitoring this, which will ensure no downtime.

    For further information of our DB Smart Watches, please go to the Smart Solutions page for more information.

    Do you have a smaller watch?

    The DB11 is our smallest watch we offer, which features a replaceable strap.

    We are constantly developing our portfolio and looking into alternative watches. If you’d like to be notified of the latest updates, please sign up to our newsletter in the red panel below.