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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    Applications – Kitchen


    The Importance of a Kitchen Department within a Hotel

    Food production within a hotel is crucial. Hotel Secret Service creates a clear line of communications between the Kitchen Department and Food Beverage Department, which is extremely important for guest satisfaction.


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    Available Solutions:

    Smart Tablet

    Using Hotel Secret Service’s unique technology, the Smart Tablet is perfect for a busy environment, such as a kitchen. The Smart Tablet can be uploaded with standardised functions, such as Waiting Staff required, Food is Ready, Drinks for Kitchen and much more, ensuring a smoother operating kitchen department.

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    IoT Smart Button 

    The simple IoT Single Switch Smart Button can be used to fulfil a task within the kitchen. For example, when the food is ready, a task is then sent to the smart devices programmed to the Food and Beverage Department. Ensuring fast and effective food dispatch.

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