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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    Applications – Concierge


    Increase Customer Satisfaction through having an Effective Concierge Department:

    The Concierge is a vital link between the hotel and guests. Hotel Secret Services solutions ensure your Concierge is always on-hand to facilitate in all matters of service, keeping your guests informed. For Example if the Concierge requires the Porter’s Department to help with the guest’s luggage, they can press the IoT Single Switch button, which sends a message stating ‘Porter required at Reception.’


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    Available Solutions:

    DB Smart Watches

    If a guest needs information from the Concierge and there is no-one there to assist them, then the guest can press the IoT Single Switch Button (to call for service). Once a member of the Concierge staff have accepted responsibility via their watch, this will notify the rest of the department. Avoiding multiple staff to also attend the task.

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    IoT Single Switch Smart Button

    If the concierge is busy with another guest or elsewhere in the hotel, then once the IoT button is pressed by a guest, a message is dispatched (via Wi-Fi) to the Concierge department, meaning another member of staff can help, ensuring a quicker response to guests needs and meeting their expectations.

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