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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.

    DB Smart Watches

    DB (Digital Bespoke) Smart Watches

    The DB Smart Watches can be used to receive urgent information such as alarm notifications or alerts or simple notifications and reminders, through your hotel’s Wi-Fi. The Smart Watches interface has been specially developed to provide clear and concise information, utilising the ‘Table Management System’ (Click on ‘Watch our video’ icon below, for more information) to alert hotel staff or departments to guest requests.

    A staff member can also communicate to their team (who also may have the DB Smart Watches or Tablet) back through the Table Managing System, to update the rest of the department once any requests have been actioned. The Smart watch is an integral part of the Hotel Secret Service system, which can be connected through any Wi-Fi wireless network.


    The Hotel Secret Service Smart Watches are full Android only, Wi-Fi compatible and feature extended battery life. Perfect for any hotel environment.


    Smart Messaging System

    Intelligent Messaging and Reporting System, that features full device interfacing

    Hotel Secret Service’s Smart Messaging system is a role, job and task-based self-service messaging, reporting and team management analytics software that lets you send/receive messages, change individuals in departments and insightful reporting on your usage of Hotel Secret Service solutions.

    Monitor response times of all of your Hotel Secret Service’s Smart devices (excluding the IoT Single Switch Button and Smart Tablet – when sending a message)

    How the Smart Messaging System interfaces with the DB Smart Watches

    The Smart Messaging System allows your staff to send bespoke messages (reoccurring and generic) to specific departments who use the DB Smart Watch. SEE MORE >

    Create users or teams within a matter of minutes.


    Messaging on the move

    Interact with your staff, send and receive messages to other departments. Using Hotel Secret Service Messaging System, available for iOS and Android mobile devices.*

    *Please note integration within your Hotel Secret Service equipment is required for these apps to work.