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Hand Picked Hotel – Ettington Park

A busy and vibrant hotel, Ettington Park Hotel needed a solution, which was a direct replacement for their old paging technology.

Ettington Park Hotel, part of the Handpicked Hotel Group of luxurious hotels, approached Hotel Secret Service for a new way for their staff to be discreetly messaged and alerted to a task, from a guest using a ‘Call Button’ type system.

They wanted a solution that would work on their wireless network, improve staff communication to maximise efficiency and link into their existing fire alarm system. Ettington Park Hotel required a simple solution akin to a ‘Paging-type’ technology.

Hotel Secret Service worked with the various departments such as meeting and events, food and beverages, reception, housekeeping and more, to create a bespoke smart solution that could fit Ettington Park Hotel’s requirements.

Once a solution had been trialled, tested and approved, Hotel Secret Service provided full staff training, monitoring and support.

Ettington Park Hotel now benefits from several ‘IoT Single Switch Smart Buttons’ located within their busy and quiet areas. In addition to this, their housekeeping team, bar department and porters each have a DB Smart Watch solution, which enables them to react dynamically to guest requests. Finally, the Reception Department is able to send bespoke messages through Hotel Secret Services’ Smart Messaging System and send tasks to any department throughout the hotel.

The service has proven to be indispensable to the hotel as Mike Blake, Operations Manager of Ettington Park Hotel explains:

“When we approached Hotel Secret Service, we had two requests: for it to be simple and easy to use for staff and guests. It also had to sit upon our current Wi-Fi network, to minimise costs. Although what Hotel Secret Service has brought to our hotel has quickly surpassed this. Not only do we have a dependable network of simple easy to use smart communication devices, which promptly tasks our staff discreetly without causing any un-wanted noise to our guests, we now have a modular messaging system which has improved all streams of communication within the hotel: from a doorbell interface, bedroom alerting and for our kitchen department to communicate to the bar staff. We are now able to quickly communicate directly to our staff, irrespective of their location within the hotel, without disrupting our guests.”