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Hotel Secret Service is an innovative technology for the hospitality industry.


    2020 is already starting to be a busy year for Hotel Secret Service, with some large projects happening. Hotel Secret Service are developing some incredible new advances such as…

    Pre-set IoT Messages from IP Phones:

    Coming Soon: Hotel Secret Service are currently developing a new method to allow staff/guests to send pre-set messages from Mitel IP Phones.





    Introducing the latest addition to Hotel Secret Service… The new DB11 watch:

    Boasting a 24hr battery life, compact design and lightweight portable frame the DB11 works seamlessly with any Wi-Fi network.

    Utilising Hotel Secret Service ‘Table Managing Software’, which allows it to recieve IoT pre-set messages. Meaning that the DB11 receives any task/message that sent via an IoT Single Switch Button and or a Smart Tablet. Alternatively bespoke messaging is available via the Smart Messaging system on any hotel desktop computer, smartphone/tablet (lightweight app available) and is sent via your hotel’s Wi-Fi network, providing flexibility and cost-saving.

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